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Who Is Low Poly?

Low-Poly is a company created by, Duarte Schedel (Schedel) and Vasco Monteiro (Montucas),in wich the objective is to develop the 3D art here in Portugal!

We decided to create this website, to show the world what we are capable to do so far, and what we'll be capable to do in a few years.

We've been working with 3d programs, for about 2 years now, but it was only a few weeks ago, that we decided to create this website.

Who works at Low Poly?

Currently only two people work at Low Poly, Vasco Monteiro and Duarte Shedel.

Who are we?

Hey, my name is Vasco Monteiro, and I'm one of the creators of this website/company.

I live in Lisbon,Portugal and I was born on the 15th of September of 1997.

I'm currently in High Shcool.

I started working with 3d programs about 2 years ago, when i had a youtube channel where i posted Call of Dutty sniper montages, and every channel i went to, they had a little intro on the begining.

I really wanted to have one for myself, so i decided to search on google "how to make a youtube intro?"

I came across a giant list of pages, and youtube tutorials on how to create one, so i clicked on one of those video tutorials, and the guy teaching had this weird program called Cinema4D...He said it was necessary to install it, in order to make an intro, so i went ahead and got it. 

As the program was really expensive, i decided to get the free student version.

After downloading Cinema4D, I opened it, and i didn't understood anything! So i went back to watch the tutorial, and the guy tought me how to move inside Cinema4D, and what tools did what, and at the end of the day, i knew how to move inside of the program, and also i had just made an Intro for my youtube. I was really happy with that, and almost immediately i uploaded it to my youtube channel, wich was CODCrashTestDummy .

As the time went by, i was uploading videos almost every week, and more and more people began to notice my intro, and they asked me if i could make one for them. I was ok with that, so i started making intros for other people's youtube channels, and the more i made, the more people wanted them, not because i made them free, but because they liked them...i think.

After a while i began to get tired of Call of Duty, so i left behind my youtube channel and also Cinema4D, because at the time i only used it for making Intros... This was about 2 years ago.

So i stopped using cinema4D, and began to get interested in Minecraft, i played it alot and it was very fun.

But some day, while i was on youtube i came across a Minecraft animation made by CaptainSparklez , It was amazing, and i was impressed, how someone could do something like that!

But i didn't just started to make animations with cinema4D, i just watched them...

I already had a youtube channel called monteirinho1997, and it was there that i posted some of my minecraft related videos, and some other things. But i had never posted anithing wich involved Minecraft and Cinema4D, so about 1 year ago i posted my first minecraft animations. They really weren't that good, but i was very happy to make them and post them on a website where everyone could see them (youtube) .

I began getting better and better, and so i decided to create a new youtube channel called CubeCraftTV , in wich i only posted Minecraft animations. My first good aniamtion was posted 7 moths ago.

They were really popular, and to this day, i still make them.

So what got me back into Cinema4D were the minecraft animations. 

And here I am, learning more and more about Cinema4D, and hopping to become a big artist.


Hello my name is Duarte Shedel and i'm one of the creators of this website/company

I live in Lisbon,Portugal and I was born on the 18th of October of 1999.

I'm currently in Middle Shcool.

I discovered 3d programs through my dad, he had already worked on some projects in 3D Studio.
At this time i was about 8 years old, but i wasn't very interested in it, because i was still to young and it looked so complicated to me, so i didin't payed much attention and left it behing, much like a used toy.

About 2 years ago, when i was 11 years old, Vasco Monteiro showed me Cinema4D, in wich he had worked for a while, i loved it!

On the Christmas of 2012, my parents bought me my first computer, and immidiatly i decided to install 3D Studio, and started working with it and learning the basics, and my first creation was a very simple robot, and i was very happy to have created something.

Over the years i began to get more interested in the program and learned what tools did what, and discovered all the possibilities 3D Studio had. I created many projects and simple animations.

My biggest dream was always to work at Pixar, but i knew i had to work very hard in order to achive that dream. I was a big fan of Pixar and so i decided to investigate what programs they used and how they used them, and it was then that i discovered Autodek Maya.

As i knew Pixar used Autodesk Maya for their animations and films, so i decided to leave 3D Studio behind and dedicate myself to Autodesk Maya. As i had the before experience from 3D Studio, working with Autodek May was much easyer.

In 2013, me and Vasco, decided to create Low Poly, and here we are, still working on improving our 3D art.


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