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Cinema 4D: Creating a Gumball Machine

This tutorial has 56 steps, and will teach you how to model,light and render a Gumball Machine. Also It will teach you a little bit about photoshop photo editing.

Tutorial Details

Software: Cinema 4D

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated Completion Time: 20 minutes

Step 1 - Make a Cylinder

Step 2 - Make a Taper (Deformer)

Step 3 - Draf the Tapper on to the Cylinder

Step 4 - Add with and Weight segments to the Cylinder

Step 5 - Select the Tapper and make this type of shape

Step 6 - Select the Cylinder and click the "Caps" tab. Inser the values on the picture

Step 7 - Add a Sphere Object

Step 8 - Resize the Sphere to your liking

Step 9 - Add a Cylinder

Step 10 - Resize it, just about like this

Step 11 - Add a Spherify Deformer

Step 12 - Drag the Spherify Deformer on to the Cylinder

Step 13Use the Spherify Deformer to get the shape you want

Step 14 - Create  new Material, and activate the features in the image bellow

Step 15 - Add that material to the main Sphere, and create a new one

Step 16 - Create a Dark Red Matirial. (The colour is up to you)

Step 17 - Add the material you just created to the Top and Bottom part of the Machine

Step 18 - Add a new Cylinder

Step 19 - Resize it. Make the Radious 4 cm.  (Copy the sizes from the image bellow)

Step 20 - Center the Cylinder with the big Sphere of the Machine

Step 21 - Add a Capsule Object. Resize it down. Have a radious of 5 cm. (Copy the measures from the image bellow)

Step 22 - Center the Capsule with the Cylinder you created in step 18

Step 23 - Select all Objects, and Group Them. (For more organization)

Step 24 - By now, it shoul look something like this. If you dno't like the size of something or the colour you can change it, it's all up to you

Step 25 - Add a new Sphere Object

Step 26 - Resize it down (To about the size you want your gumball to be like)

Step 27 - Add a "Cloner"

Step 28 - Drag the Sphere you created in step 25 on to the Cloner

Step 29 - Change the Cloner Mode, to Grid

Step 30 - In the "count" tab, put these values= 15  10  15 (you can change these if you want,they are the number grids, and the more you increase these values the more spheres you'll have)

WARNING: Don't increase this values to much, because it will create alot of spheres, and your pc may lag a lot, so keep that in mind. But if you have a good PC go ahead.

Step 31 - In the "clones" tab, change it to Random

Step 32 - Select the Glass Sphere, right click it, go to "Simulation Tags" and select, "Colider Body"

Step 33 - Go to the Gumball, righ click it, go to "Simulstion Tags", and click "Rigid Body"

Step 34 - Select the Glass Sphere, click "Dynamics Body"»»"Shape"»»"Static Mesh"

Step 35 - Do the same that you did on step 34, but for the base of the Gumball Machine

Step 36 - Select the Gumball inside the Cloner, go to "Dynamics Body"»»"Shape"»»"Automatic"

Step 37 - Now if you click the Play button, you should get something like this. (The gumballs are all falling to the floor because i removed the glass cover, so don't worry)

Step 38 - If you want you can Increase or Decrease teh size of your Gumballs, jus select the sphere and change the values on the "Radious" tab

Step 39 - Now if you click the Play button all the Gumballs will start to jump arround,wait for them to gather all arrounf the base of the glass sphere and hit Stop. So now you have the time where you'll be taking your picture.

Step 40 - It should look something like this

Step 41 - Now, copy and paste 5 or 6 of the spheres inside the Cloner, and drag them inside of it again.

Step 42 - Create a new material and check all these features

Step 42 - In "Reflection" lower the Brighteness to about 20%.../...30%

Step 43 - In the "Bump" tab, click the little arrow and select "Noise"

Step 44 - You get something like this, now dobble click the Black and White image

Step 45 - Select "Blistered Turbulence" as your Noise type

Step 46 - Lower the Strenght to (-5%)

Step 47 - Go to the "Colour" tab, and choose one you like, to use on your gumballs

Step 48 - Drag that new Material you just created to one of your Spheres inside teh Cloner

Step 49 - Male copyes of that Material

Step 50 - Change the colour of each one of them, then drag and drop them to your Spheres inside the Cloner

Step 51- Now the Lighting. I used the Greyscalegorilla Light Kit Pro

Step 52 - I made some changes in the light colour, to orange, and did some other tweeks, and this is what i ended up with

Step 53 - Photoshop Photo Editing. Open your rendered photo in Photoshop

Step 54 - You should have something like this

Step 55 - Now, add a "Curves" Layer

Step 56 - This step is up to you, move the line up and down untill you get something you like

Final Product

As you can see these are both models i made, but they are really different. Your mnodel is probably different, but that is alright, because it was you that made it, it has your style. ;)

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